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Ecosan Italia is specialized in cleaning and video inspection and operates in the environmental hygiene service sector from several decades, using all the necessary intervention techniques and operational procedures to achieve its customers' satisfaction, while maintaining a high-quality standard in all work activities.

We operate throughout the national territory and we are specialized in the following activities:

The Ecosan Italia, based in Catania, offers a service of purging of black wells, with which, efficiently, liberate the black wells of households and offices.

The company is a support for all types of black wells purging and it acts with prompt intervention in the case of anomalies, throughout Italy.

Our activity takes place in the field of sewer, meteoric, process and water systems maintenance and other services. Ecosan Italia operates in the service of public authorities, municipalities, industrial plants, condominiums, and for all network operators, taking care of all ordinary and extraordinary maintenance phases, verifying the state of conservation, planning and implementing different types of recovery.

Our company, leader in the industry, offers its services of purging also through the emergency line 24/24H, including holidays, 365 days a year.

A particular care always goes to the environment and the ecology safeguard; Ecosan does work in a professional manner and with dedication on a daily basis in order to maintain our cities clean and hygienically safe.

The company ECOSAN ITALIA leader in the industry, offers cleaning discounts, video inspection, and others, by calling at the phone number 095 7512424 or via E-mail:  The Ecosan Italia is at your full disposal, offering maximum quality and cordiality

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