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The company

The Ecosan Italia Srl is a company formed by entrepreneurs operating in the environmental health service sector, thanks to the experience and the continuous investment in equipment and employees training, it provides customers with technologically advanced solutions, ensuring a high standard of all offered services, such as "cleaning of cesspools, black wells, sewage transportation, sanitation and drainage of civil and industrial flooding". The main feature that distinguishes our company, is the reliability and the accuracy with which we carry out all our activities, moreover, thanks to an adequate knowledge and experience of regulations, we ensure the highest quality standards which are required in our business, with the right quality systems to the relevant regulations. 

The story

From '98 at the service of the environment

The company was founded in 1998 under sole proprietorship and with the name of "Cleaning Etna of Caruso Santo". It was, then registered in the regional section of the Sicilian Register of National Companies, as it carried out waste management Cat. 4, right after the company started its career in the field of environmental health service sector.

In 2004, the company is, also, registered in the region of Venice, carrying out, from now on, the waste management in the regional section of the Veneto in Cat. 5 and Cat 4. Over the years, the undertaken work in the field of maintenance of the sewage systems and white water networks, it improved the experience in the maintenance of networks, specializing in the field of underground video inspection and network mapping.

In 2008, the quality management system was implemented and the company receives the extension of the system certificate UNI EN ISO 9001: 2000 by Certiquality Ltd. for "Collection, transport, and waste disposal coming from supplying black wells purge sewers and related activities services".

In 2009, as a result of the provision of the business branch by the associate Caruso Santo, the company Etna Srl is registered in the National Register of the environmental managers in the Sicilian Regional section in Cat. 4 and Cat. 5 with registration no. PA05606.  In the same year, the company receives the qualification certificate for public works in accordance with the Presidential Decree 34/2000 (SOAfor the category OG6 clas. I.

In 2010 the quality management system is updated and certified according to the new UNI EN ISO 9001: 2008 by Certiquality Ltd. for "Collection, transport, and waste disposal coming from supplying black wells purge, sewers and related activities services".

In 2010 with the extraordinary shareholders' meeting of 29/07/2010, archive number 29887, registered in Catania on 02/08/2010, number 16212 T1 series, the enterprise changes its name to: “Ecosan Italia Srl” and also, the legal and operational headquarters moves to San Giovanni La Punta - Via Aspromonte 12, maintaining the VAT and tax code




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