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Plants maintenance

Plants maintenance


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In order to limit the effect of pollution of the soil, we perform maintenance of the sewage treatment plants through the cleaning of grids, wells, drying beds and emptying of the collection tanks. The service is performed by a combined avant-garde equipment such as the Canal Jet which is managed by specialized technicians. To support all of this, in particular for the cleaning of the drying beds, we have professional machines such as the shovel and the excavator to face any inconvenience, eg. difficult access to confined spaces during the installation. The waste resulting from cleaning, are subsequently intended, as a function of their characteristics, such plants licensed disposal or recovery.

Thanks to decades of experience in the industry, the qualified staff is able to perform repair works, cleaning, and maintenance of collecting systems, providing professional services, according to high-quality standards. The company Ecosan Italia has machines of advanced technology that allow performing any type of work, ensuring quick working times and making an earlier retrofitting of the entire project area.

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