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Network mapping

Network mapping



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The mapping of networks needs to quickly obtain an accurate description of an underground water system, identifying the horizontal alignment, and differentiating the different features. If the client is not in possess of the plans issued by the responsible constructor, Ecosan Italia, thanks to the activity of video inspection, is able to realize the mapping of the networks of interest, a listed planimetric restitution, essential for maintenance management of a production system. You can start from a DWG or just an Aero Photogrammetry, that brings real and updated topographic references to obtain a reliable mapping that is tailored to the customer needs and specific requirements, also, providing thematic maps, where it is possible to highlight the damaged sections and associate the traits on which to apply the same consolidation methodology, indicating the disused portions, etc.

The Ecosan Italia uses equipment and instruments to video inspect drains and pipes to then perform the mapping networks of sewage systems for commercial, residential or industrial facilities.
We perform the mapping of piping networks, wells, siphons, gutters and others, applying a detailed map of the structure where the service is needed.
This service is used to control the operation of the pipes and also for the diagnostic of any issue, or even just for the renovation of a building or its sewer system.
Having a map of the pipes network is useful to make a precise evaluation for future operations.


• Operational steps 
Sighting GIS

Sighting GIS

Sighting of the Cartesian coordinates of each one of the wells through GIS or traditional methods.

Acquisition on file CAD

Acquisition on file CAD

The revealed on field data and with GIS system are then combined for the final creation of a detailed mapping of the system.

Tanks/wells proportioning

Tanks/wells proportioning

Materials, diameters, and depths of each of the pipes that arrive at wells are revealed. Moreover, it is recognized the state of facts.

Implementation plan

Implementation plan

By combining the information of the previous described phases and the video inspecting intervention an implementation plan with its specific quotes are obtained, in order to calculate the average inclinations of the detected features between two draw pits.

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