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Excavations and Constructions

Excavations and Constructions

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In the absence of public sewers, it is possible to accomplish, with relatively ease, his own classified sewer according to the primary treatments regulation. The use of the primary treatment of domestic wastewater is compulsory for the law, and as an end, reduces the pollutant load of wastewater prior to disposal through the sedimentation of the coarse material transported by discharge and separation of the material, which tends to emerge: fat, oil, soap etc. producing a slurry clarification. The company Ecosan Italia is able to perform leveling of the ground to implement various projects, such as road constructions, civil and industrial buildings, sewage and construction work at a different competitive cost.

Among the primary type of treatments:

  • Sewer pipelines
  • Septic tanks with two or three rooms
  • IMHOFF septic tanks 
  • Wells

For a professional quote, contact us at the phone number  095 7512424 or via E-mail:  The Ecosan Italia is at your full disposal, offering maximum quality and cordiality.

We operate throughout Italy and we are specialized in the following activities:

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