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Special waste transport

Special waste transport



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The current legislation (Legislative Decree no.152/2006 and subsequent Legislative Decree no. 128/2010) stipulates that waste is classified according to its origins: in urban waste and special waste, depending on the degree of hazard to humans and to the environment, and in hazardous and non-hazardous waste.

• Hazardous waste

Our company manages the transport of waste subject to the ADR legislation responding to the growing demand for safety and environmental protection and in full compliance with the current legislation, by providing its customers with vehicles approved by ADR transport and all professionals in possession of a Professional Training Certificates prescribed by the regulation (ADR Consultant, drivers with license ADR).

By paying particular attention, not only to the training required by law but also, to the continuous training and information given to our staff which is assigned to this type of transport. The company is registered in the National Environmental Managers in the category 5, therefore, authorized the collection and transportation of hazardous waste.

• Non-hazardous waste

Thanks to an adequate fleet of vehicles, the Ecosan Italia Srl realizes all stages of collection, transport, and transfer, to the disposal centers the authorized special waste not subject to ADR norms ensuring the customer with a high-quality service and providing all documentations legally required.

Ask a quote for the transport of hazardous waste to the number 095 7512424 or via E-mail: The service is completely free and without obligation. You will receive several quotes and see the cost of transporting hazardous waste from the best company in Italy. The Ecosan Italia Catania is an enterprise authorized to transport, handling and disposal of special waste, hazardous and non-hazardous waste.

Category 4

Category 4

Category 4 - collection and transport of non-hazardous special waste produced by third parties.

Category 5

Category 5

Category 5 - collection and transport of hazardous special waste.

Category 8

Category 8

Category 8 - brokerage and commerce of waste with no detention.

For a professional quote, contact us at the phone number  095 7512424 or via E-mail:  The Ecosan Italia is at your full disposal, offering maximum quality and cordiality.

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