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Clearing clogged

Clearing clogged and cleaning of drainage systems



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The periodic washing of the sewage network allows the removal of solid deposits that progressively reduce the useful section of the pipeline.These deposits are made up, largely of sand and gravel material, as well as by a variable percentage of organic origin sludge and fibrous materials. The service is provided through the use of special hydrodynamic probes with jets of water at high pressure and anyway, it is able to remove hard sediments of various kinds to adjust the outflow recovery of liquids transported into the pipe. At the end of the intervention, the washing of the affected area will be provided through the use of a mixture composed of water and scented disinfectants with a biodegradability equal to 90%.

 • Canal Jet cleaning

The Ecosan Italia offers the best unblocking and washing services, such as the Canal Jet pipelines, sewers, waste pipes, road manholes, purging black wells.

 • Clearing clogged

To carry out the pipes unclogging, which are obstructed by various kinds of materials (detergents, household waste, sand, weeds and so on) we use the canal jet system, with a wide range of peculiar nozzles specific for the cleaning of pipelines.

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