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Intervention of confined spaces

Intervention of confined spaces 

Interventi spazi confinati


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The company EcosanItalia operates in confined spaces, suspicious areas or pollution to:  purge, reclamation, and cleaning of:

  • tanks and tubs (industrial and civil);
  • treatment plants, sewage digesters (industrial and civil);
  • tubs, wall units and potable water tanks (also with recovery);
  • industrial plants containing pulverulent material.

The professionalism and the expertises in the field have led us to face the problems associated with the activities in the suspected or confined areas of contamination.

For each operational specificity, it is possible to define the suitable conceptual and operational tools to carry out a thorough and proper risk assessment, through which it is possible to identify an effective path that allows planning emergency scenarios through the use of appropriate equipment and qualified professionals, as required by the Presidential Decree 177/2011.

For a professional quote, contact us at the phone number  095 7512424 or via E-mail:  The Ecosan Italia is at your full disposal, offering maximum quality and cordiality.

We operate throughout Italy and we are specialized in the following activities:


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