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Recovery with Packer



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The restoration with packer is a non-invasive recovery technology of the pipes locally damaged by cracks, holes a detachment of the joints, gaskets offsite, water infiltration, infiltration of roots, grafts leaking.
This recovery method applies to all non-pressure sewage pipes whether they are circular, ovoidal, of any size and material, such as:

  • Sewers recovery
  • Wastewater discharge recovery
  • Drainage discharge sewage columns
  • Drainage columns pluvial
  • Pipes recovery drain whitewater
  • Recovery of sewage discharge pipes
  • Recovery stormwater drains
  • Recovery sewage system
  • Drainage pipes

Once the damaged point has been highlighted and found, the appropriate measurements to implement a punctual recovery with part liner, are taken.
A special glass fiber is pre-soaked with bi-components resins by a spatula-coating process performed on both sides up to saturation.
The coating obtained is applied and clamped around an expanding balloon called packer.The balloon is inserted into the pipe and conveyed to the point concerned.Verified the correct positioning with the help of a camera, it is possible to proceed with the inflation of the packer allowing the compression of the glass fiber against the walls of the damaged pipe.
After the hardening of the coating, the balloon is deflated discovering a reinforced coating, self-supporting and permanent.
The wastewater flow is restored immediately after the removal of the packer.
The result is documented by television inspection with digital recording.
The number of materials used for the piping recovery with packer is carefully defined depending on some variables: the diameter of the pipe, the length of the damage, the extent of breakage... in order to create a socket to perfect hydraulic seal and unalterable over time. An economical solution that is often proposed by some companies limiting laying materials may initially present itself decisive manifesting in time sealing problems.

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