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In the absence of public sewers, you can relatively easily have the classified sewer, according to the primary treatments regulations. The use of the primary treatment of domestic wastewater is compulsory for the law and in order to reduce the pollutant load of the wastewater prior to disposal, through the sedimentation of the coarse material transported by the discharge and through the separation of the material which tends to emerge: fat, oil, soap etc. producing a slurry clarification. Among the primary type of treatments:

  • Traditional two or three rooms septics
  • IMHOFF septic tanks 
  • Wells degreasers
  • First rain tanks

which allow the mechanical separation of solid fractions/liquid by means of baffles or physicochemical separation with coalescence filters.
The sediment of the septic tank may undergo anaerobic digestion and must be periodically removed by purging cars, while the liquid portion through a perforated pipe is conveyed in the soil at a shallow depth where slowly percolates downward.
Our company, thanks to decades of experience in managing sewage systems, being equipped with appropriate equipment and qualified professionals, is concerned, although the realization of these "systems”, for the treatment of municipal and industrial sewage, providing the execution of the excavation and the laying in place with its related existing systems, or of a new construction and restoration of the floor, according to the criteria prescribed by law and adjusted to individual needs, making a preliminary feasibility study, a detailed design, thus, all done in short timing.

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