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Cleaning pipelines of the sewerage network

 Cleaning pipelines of the sewerage network

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The periodic washing of the sewerage network allows the removal of solid deposits, it progressively reduces the useful section of the pipeline. These deposits are made up largely of sand and gravel materials, as well as by a variable percentage of organic origin sludges and fibrous materials.The service is provided through the use of special hydrodynamic probes with jets of water at high pressure and in any case, it will be able to remove hard sediments of various kinds to adjust the outflow recovery of liquids transported in the pipe. At the end of the intervention, the washing of the affected area will be provided through the use of a  composed mixture of water and scented disinfectants with a biodegradability equal to 90%. Each purge and unblocking intervention require a careful and precise pipeline and sewerage cleaning. In addition to the emergency intervention, available 24/24H in Italy, the Ecosan Italia, also offers the possibility of programming the periodic preventive cleaning of the sewer system, with the aim of decreasing the risk of obturation of the sewers. The company Ecosan Italia thanks to its employees, also manages to eliminate residues and lime scale deposits from the pipes of kitchens and bathrooms and therefore, allows to maintain completely free pipes. Using especially cutting-edge technologies, such as Canal Jet, cleaning pipes is faster and easier.

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