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Tanks and wells drainage

Tanks and wells drainage 



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The Ecosan Italia offers tanks and wells recovery services. We propose a sanitation intervention and a highly efficient recovery of intact tanks or wells from a "Structural" point of view, which present problems of degradation, especially for what concern the waterproof sealing of the article, which presents the micro or macro widespread losses, the millimeter film of a particular compound for insulation, polyurethane-based and liquid resin which hardens after the polyaddition process, applied through the use of specific equipment, will give new life to the artefact, obtaining a result Certificate and guaranteed.

Initially, the cockpit or the tub to be reclaimed are cleaned by removing from the walls and from the bottom, by means of jets of water at high pressure, the damaged parts, then continuing roughening and the eventual brushing and stripping of the surfaces, and then to the restoration of deficiencies and leveling of surfaces through the use of premixed cement mortars, in the case where it is manufactured in CLS, in the case of tanks made of steel, the recoveries are not needed.

Completed this phase, we proceed to the primer drafting, which promotes the adhesion of the final coating material. Finally, a two-component polyurethane mixture is applied, which is directly hot-sprayed with specific machinery, and requires a very short drying time, creating a protective layer, which should no longer be worked and providing, to the treated areas, a high degree of isolation and restoring the integrity and functionality of the wells, showed that solutions of continuity of the walls, with potential problems of deposits in the soil.

Our company comes on site, with equipped and autonomous trucks, even from an energy point of view (Generator, Compressor Group, the Water Reserve, etc.), to address the yard or even in isolated areas not covered by the industrial users, to start and finish the job as quickly as possible to costs and certain times.

For a professional quote, contact us at the phone number  095 7512424 or via E-mail:  The Ecosan Italia is at your full disposal, offering maximum quality and cordiality.

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