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Cleaning in Catania


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Cleaning in Catania - Tel 095 7512424 ECOSAN ITALIA Srl

The company Ecosan Italia offers a service of maintenance of civil and industrial sewage plants across Italy, with activities directed to different types of customers (private, condominiums, public institutions, shopping malls, hospitals, hotels, industrial parks etc.), taking care of the periodic emptying and cleaning of septic tanks, SBR tanks, black wells and others. Our vehicles fleet, consisting of a wide range of vehicles of different sizes and equipped with the latest equipment, allows us to operate even in places not easily accessible: in the city centers, in line with the spaces and the typical constraints of residential settlements, inside of small industrial departments, where it is necessary to work avoiding obstructions. The Ecosan Italia provides the service of scheduling the job according to the need of the emptying of the biologicals and the black wells, by agreeing with the customer on the most compatible time frame. Also, it is available to its customers an on-call service 24/24H for urgent and binding actions. We have decades of experience in the environmental field and in the cleaning of Catania. Our company consists of qualified and skilled professionals. Our strengths are the numerous vehicles and our advanced technology equipment. We can wash pipes, sewer pipes, septic tanks and black wells. We also deal with the disposal of sludge and the collected sewage. We also offer emergency services with fire engines in case of flooding problems of both civil and corporate buildings.

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